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High expectations drive the work we do daily.  The Indiana State Standards are the foundation of teaching and learning to ensure our young people are prepared for the rigor of state and national assessments.  Our teachers promote a culture of achievement and implement instructional strategies that are proven to have the greatest positive impact on scholar achievement.



In general, the aim of reading instruction at The PATH School is to meet the needs of each scholar.  The focus of young readers is to: 

  1. learn the foundational skills of reading. 

  2. appreciate, value the importance of and develop a passion for reading and the craft of writing across all genres and through multiple mediums; 

  3. think and respond critically to a multitude of texts as new information is sought through evaluation, analysis, and synthesis considering multiple viewpoints, and 

  4. engage in meaningful scholar-to-scholar discourse respecting a variety of diverse perspectives. 

Kindergarten - Grade 2

Grade 3 - Grade 5

Grade 6 - Grade 8

Exceptional Learners


The general aim of mathematics instruction is to develop the ability to perform number operations with skill and understanding. The program recognizes the individual differences in children, and provides learning situations to meet these individual differences. Emphasis in the mathematics program is placed on problem solving, reasoning skills, geometry, probability, and statistics, as well as the use of calculators and computers. Computational skills are important at all levels. Manipulatives are used to build basic (foundational) understandings that are vital to concept development.

Kindergarten - Grade 8

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Through inquiry in social studies, The PATH School strives for scholars to be involved in meaningful experiences that they will retain and apply throughout life to be a contributing member of society. Scholars will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset to make informed decisions in a global environment while understanding others’ perspectives. In social studies, scholars inquire about topics and intentionally use 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication. Scholars make connections to their learning in relation to self, the world and their ability to make an impact. Scholars also use technology as a tool to access information and support their inquiries about past, present and future.

Grade 5 (Humanities)

Grade 6 - Grade 8


Through inquiry in science, The PATH School seeks to create an appreciation of the wonders of the world in which we live and an understanding of the methods and importance of science and the scientist in our culture. Science instruction should enable learners to apply what they learn. Science instruction should allow scholars to participate in hands-on and inquiry-based learning that supports what they learn in the content area.

Grade 4 - Grade 8

High Ability 

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